StyleBlueprint and WLKY Learn How to Make a Fascinator at Dee’s

christina mora wlky

Christina Mora of WLKY. Image credit to

StyleBlueprint, a popular online magazine, features an article showcasing how WLKY weekend anchor Christina Mora recently met with Dee’s owner and Hat Mistress Kathy Olliges to design and create a fascinator to go with her Derby dress. Here’s an excerpt from the beginning of the article. Follow the link to go to the StyleBlueprint site and read the rest.

Two years ago, we wrote an article about going to locally owned Dee’s Crafts to make your own hat for Derby. This article has been so popular, especially during Derby season, that we decided to make our own fascinator this year. We called our partners at WLKY and asked for someone who already had her dress and wanted to make a custom fascinator. That brave, prepared woman was Christina Mora, weekend anchor at WLKY. Keep in mind that it was the middle of March, and she already had her dress. That is a level of preparedness to aspire to, ladies.

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